DATA BOOK 2022 English 03/04/2022

The DATA BOOK organizes the statistics on pharmaceutical industries both in Japan and around the world.
We would be grateful if this is utilized as a tool for promotion of understanding about pharmaceutical industries, making medical care policies, or planning strategies for pharmaceutical industries.
There were some errors in the content on page 12, 35, and 36, which should be corrected as follows:

Errata: Page 12 (on June 30, 2022)
A-2-3 Comparison of Pharmaceutical Sales between Domestic and Foreign Companies (Japan)
Fiscal Year 2019
Domestic / Ratio         Error   90.2                  Correction    89.8
Foreign / Ratio           Error   9.8                    Correction    10.2
Total / Total Sales (JPY mil.)      Error   13,199,398        Correction    11,432,500

Errata: Page 35 and 36 (on August 18, 2022)
A-4-2 International Trade of Pharmaceutical Products by Partner Countries (Japan)
Corrected the Imports/Exports values and shares for each country in 2020.
*The materials posted on the website have been revised. We apologize for this.

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A.Pharmaceutical Industry Outlook

A1.Pharmaceutical Manufacturers / Employment

A2.Pharmaceutical Market

A3.Financial Results / Value-Added

A4.Exports and Imports (Pharmaceutical Products / Technology)

A5.Overseas Business of Japanese Companies

A6.Pharmaceutical Production

A7.Research and Development


A9.Pharmaceutical Affairs Government

B.Statistics on Health

B1.Life Expectancy / Vital Statistics

B2.Health Care Expenditures

B3.Medical Care Systems