The“JAPANESE CONSENSUS FRAMEWORK FOR ETHICAL COLLABORATION" received the "2023 The Lighthouse Award" for its activities.

The activities of the JAPANESE CONSENSUS FRAMEWORK FOR ETHICAL COLLABORATION ("CF"), a framework for ethical collaboration among healthcare organizations in Japan, in which the Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association ("JPMA") has been a key participant since its inception, were honored with the 2023 The Lighthouse Award at the APEC Business Ethics for SMEs Forum held in Washington, D.C., USA on September 27-28, 2023.

All the parties concerned (at the award ceremony) All the parties concerned (at the award ceremony)
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The Lighthouse Award recognizes individual, organization, or economy in the medical device and pharmaceutical/biopharmaceutical sectors in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) region that has served as a "bright and steady light" in strengthening ethical business environment in their own member economy, while serving as a model or providing active support for other APEC economy. The award has been in place since 2014.

This CF was launched in 2018 with the goal of creating an ethical collaboration to provide the best solutions to patients’ health needs in Japan. Domestic healthcare organizations (patient organizations, medical professional associations, pharmaceutical industry association, medical device industry association, and national government) participate in this CF to regularly share information and address issues while maintaining equal and moderate governance, with each taking responsibility for upholding the four principles below. We also work with the Consensus Framework of other APEC economies to learn from each other's efforts.

  1. Put Patients First
  2. Support Ethical Research and Innovation
  3. Ensure Independence and Ethical Conduct
  4. Promote Transparency and Accountability

The background of this CF receiving "2023 The Lighthouse Award" includes its early establishment and continued functioning, the participation of a diverse group of organizations, the maintenance of communication among participating organizations, the independence of each participating organization to take responsibility for its own issues, and its scalability in seeking to collaborate with consensus frameworks in other economies.

On behalf of the award winners, Chika Hirata, Chairman of JPMA Code Compliance Committee, made the following comments at the award ceremony.

“This is truly a team effort thanks to numerous people who have contributed to our Consensus Framework and supported the Framework’s sustainable growth. I believe this is an inflection point for Japan to send our message to the APEC community that we are here to support our allies on the implementation of their consensus framework.”

As a member of the participating organizations of this CF, JPMA is pleased to receive this award and will continue to contribute to this CF to provide the best solutions to patients’ health needs in Japan.