About JPMA

JPMA is a voluntary association comprising 70 research-oriented pharmaceutical companies (as of April 1, 2024).

JPMA, established in 1968 with the mission of “realizing patient-oriented healthcare,” has been contributing to global healthcare advocacy through the development of innovative ethical drugs.

We are engaged with various initiatives, such as solution of common issues in the pharmaceutical industry, activities to deepen understanding of pharmaceuticals and international collaboration with concerned parties. Especially, we are promoting sound development of the pharmaceutical industry by developing policy, strengthening recommendations, facilitating to internationalization of the industry, and boosting public relations.

In addition, JPMA takes active roles as one of the Founding Industry Members of ICH by working collaboratively with PhRMA and EFPIA, and also leads APAC “to expedite the launch of innovative medicines for the peoples in Asia” as mission.

Furthermore, as a member of IFPMA, JPMA is engaged with various global health issues such as the preparedness and management of the pandemic of infectious diseases including COVID-19, access to medicines and protection of intellectual property, as well as the measures against health-related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Through close information sharing and collaboration with each sister associations, JPMA continues to act globally for the advancement of medical treatments for patients around the world.