Research Paper Series 2005

(No.29:July 2005)

Communications of the medical consumer and the doctor
-Analysis concerning patient satisfaction rating seen from attitude survey-

Kazunobu Yamauchi*, Toshiki Mano**, Yasuhiro Tsukahara***,
Kumiko Fujisawa****, Haruhiko Nobayashi and Naoya Fujihara

  There has been a call for patient centered healthcare and the improvement of patient satisfaction ratings in recent times. Within this attention is being paid to the communication between the medical consumer and the physician. The focus of this research was directed at the communication between medical consumers and physicians. Both parties were studied through surveys (1,131 medical consumers and 1,101 physicians) and the difference in knowledge of both was investigated. Additionally the construction of mutual trust, improvement of the patient satisfaction rating and Health Literacy were investigated using the data and looking at from various angles.

  As the result the large difference in knowledge and way of thinking between medical consumers and physicians with regards to medical treatment and care has been highlighted, with inadequate communication being the cause. In order to achieve patient centered medical treatment and improve the patient satisfaction rating, the difference between the medical consumer and physician needs to be understood and a mutual compromise found.

*Department of Medical Information and Management Science,
Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine
**Institute of Medical Risk Management, Tama University
***School of Information and Communication, Meiji University
****Administration of Information System, Meiji University

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