Research Paper Series 2004

(No.22:July 2004)

Government-Sponsored Cooperative Research in Japan
A Case Study of the Organization
for Pharmaceutical Safety and Research(OPSR) Program

Yosuke Okada* and Takahito Kushi

  On the basis of an independently conducted questionnaire survey, we examine an internal organization of the government-sponsored cooperative research of the Organization for Pharmaceutical Safety and Research (OPSR) program in Japan. We find that equity investment by OPSR is negatively correlated with the number of patent applications by the consortium. Nevertheless, the OPSR investment ratio and the ratio of dispatched researchers to total researchers at the consortium are positively associated with higher evaluation of the research results. These findings suggest that a co-investment scheme should be consistent with an ownership arrangement of patents, which may improve performance of research consortia where embryonic and generic inventions are the goals of cooperative research.

*Graduate School of Economics, Hitotsubashi University

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