Research Paper Series 2004

(No.18:May 2004)

Questionnaire Survey on Awareness of Patients
Who Participated in Clinical Trials

Shinichi Kobayashi*, Ruriko Kashikuma*, Hiroyuki Furukawa**, Yukiko Matsushima**,
Shigeyuki Nakano***, Masae Kuranari***, Shuji Onozuka, Orie Asaka, and Yoshihiro Narita

  To consider appropriate conditions for clinical trials in Japan, the awareness of patients who had participated in clinical trials was investigated. A questionnaire survey was implemented at three university hospitals and two clinics, from which 283 responses were collected.

  About 80% of respondents had a good impression of the clinical trials, and 94% felt favorably about participating in another trial, despite the fact that 56% reported experiencing uneasiness and inconvenience during the trials. Among the respondents, 64% answered that clinical trials were not known by general public, and 89% thought that clinical trials should be further acknowledged. Based on the survey results, several measures for revitalizing Japanese clinical trials were considered from the patient viewpoint.

*St. Marianna University School of Medicine Hospital
** Kanazawa University Hospital
***Oita University Hospital

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