About OPIR


The Office of Pharmaceutical Industry Research (OPIR) was established in January 1999 by the Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (JPMA). The OPIR has its mission to analyze the internal and external environments of the Japanese pharmaceutical industry and the mid-and-long-term issues it faces, and to make public policy recommendations based on its research.


Through its research, the OPIR aims to develop an economic and social framework which contributes to the swift and continuous provision of innovative and efficacious medicines with appropriate prices. The framework should enhance access to and proper use of the medicines by healthcare consumers. OPIR research is also expected to contribute to raising public awareness of the importance of and the social role of the pharmaceutical industry.

OPIR serves as an open laboratory for research and policy recommendations and development of human resources through friendly competition. OPIR proactively promotes its research including outside research collaboration and external research contracts.


Research results already published and ongoing research themes in recent years

Policy for Innovation

Infrastructures for R&D

Medical Care for Patient

Environment of Pharmaceutical Market

“Future Image of Pharmaceutical Industry - Missions and challenges in the industry toward 2015 -”
“Strengthening competitiveness as ‘A place for drug discovery’ - Current situations and challenges in the pharma industry -”

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