About PSC
Pharma SNP consortium (PSC) was created in September 2000 by 43 member companies of the Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (JPMA). The mission of PSC is to conduct pharmacokinetic researches on Japanese gene polymorphism, a theme that the JPMA had reviewed at its R&D Committee.

PSC will continue to conduct the said researches for 3 years until March 2003 using a total membership fee of \1 billion (shared equally by the member companies). The specific research themes of PSC are as follows.
  • Location of single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) in a pharmacokinetics-related gene.
  • Frequency of SNP emergence in the general Japanese population
  • Analysis of the expression and function of the mutation-type protein generated under the influence of SNP
PSC also plans to contribute to the improvement of the genomic research environment for the member companies by developing:
  • Documents to explain the significance of the research and ask a consent to the donation of blood samples and other materials necessary for the research
  • Established procedures to obtain an informed consent
  • An improved manual for ethical business behaviors
In addition, PSC plans to contribute to the improvement in many health care service areas by sharing and utilizing the findings and data from its research activities under the close collaboration with the national Millennium Project. Such areas include the improvement of drug efficacies, the reduction of adverse side effects, and the judgment to make distinction between responders and non-responders.