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Since 1989, the Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association ("JPMA") has been conducting international cooperation activities predominantly in Asia and in Southeast Asia in particular. In the process, the association has built relationships of trust with numerous governments and international agencies. JPMA conducts its international cooperation activities based on the following basic principles: that the international cooperation in question is consistent with the needs of developing countries; that it be steeped in clear activity plans consisting of objectives, targets, timetables and so forth; that it enables developing countries to grow of their own accord, and that it can be accommodated by pharmaceutical manufacturers from both a technical and fiscal perspective.

In addition to the aforementioned basic principles, JPMA has also adhered to established norms for conducting international cooperation mainly through allying and/or cooperating with WHO/WPRO/SEARO1 and other global health agencies; the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations (IFPMA); and, in Japan, the Japanese government, JICA/JICWELS/JIMTEF2, and other public agencies related to international cooperation.

* Collaboration with External Agencies
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In conducting future international cooperation activities, as JPMA seeks to improve access to pharmaceuticals by people around the world including those in developing countries, JPMA aims to provide an ideal mix of its own international contributions combined with the international contributions of its individual member companies.

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