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President's Message

Yoshihiko Hatanaka, President of the JPMA

Bringing Our Innovations in Drug Discovery to the World

We contribute to improving the health and medical care quality of people around the world through the creation of novel pharmaceutical products.

The Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (JPMA) is an organization that, as of April 2019, represents 72 research-oriented pharmaceutical companies. We aim to continue to contribute to improving the health and medical care of people in Japan and around the world through the creation of innovative pharmaceutical products.

The mission of JPMA and its member companies is to meet the needs of patients waiting for the arrival of innovative pharmaceuticals and medical technologies as early as possible. At present, controlling the rise of social security expenditures, especially medical costs, is a focus of the Japanese government's efforts toward sound fiscal policy. While reforms directed toward realizing effective medical care are important, it is equally true that there still exist a number of diseases with no established treatment (known as unmet medical needs). We must therefore exert our best efforts to fulfill the JPMA's mission by making one successful innovation after another.

Innovations in our industry have the power to change the society. Namely, an innovative pharmaceutical product or a medical technology can help patients recover from their illness or help senior citizens suffer less from the effects of aging, which in turn will enable these people to support others instead of receiving support themselves. This shift in their position in society will make a positive contribution to the growth of the Japanese economy, resulting in improved sustainability of the social security system. In addition, iPS cell technology and other scientific breakthroughs give impetus to the advancement of science itself, including the progress of life science. The new industries that will emerge out of them will be able to develop globally as a next-generation driving force for the growth of Japan.

With the progress of science and technology, expectations of medical care have become more sophisticated, as represented by the new approaches of personalized medicine and preemptive medicine. The discovery of innovative pharmaceuticals and the development of new medical technologies have become increasingly difficult, resulting in more intense competition among nations. In this challenging environment, we believe it is very important for Japan to define the promotion of life science innovations as a core element in the national growth strategy and put into place a comprehensive science and technology promotion policy covering the entire process, from the creation of innovations through the appropriate valuation of the outcomes, so as to ensure that new pharmaceuticals and medical technologies will continue to be developed. With an aim of fostering an environment and scheme that will encourage the creation of innovations and their fair valuation, JPMA will continue its dialogue with all stakeholders to achieve mutual understanding and work closely together.

During fiscal year 2018, the JPMA will celebrate the 50th anniversary of its founding. On behalf of the organization, I would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation for the assistance all of you have extended to us over the years, and to state our commitment to enhancing the high levels of transparency and ethical standards in our activities so that JPMA remains an organization trusted by all.


George Nakayama
 Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association

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